Candle News By Chenatlin Colshat

  • Autumn's Aromatic Embrace: A Journey through Fall Scents

    Fall candle scents should take you on a journey. If your trying to decide in the best scents for the fall season, follow me on this nar...
  • What Are Eco-Friendly Candles?

    Saving the environment has become a common trend. Buying eco-friendly candles has been even more common.  What do you really get when buying an eco-friendly candle and what should you look for? I must admit that a great aroma from any candle can be enticing. But if your goal is to also be pleasant to the environment, then you should use candles that cause the least harm to the air and your surroundings (eco-friendly). Check out this blog post that break down the major components of a traditional eco-friendly candle.